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  • Highly efficient and super bright 9 Watts LEDs provides maximum brightness while saving on power consumption. It also offers long operational life of more than 50,000 hours


  • Use Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 3.2V-6000mAh, It has the advantages of light weight, long service life and high power. It also causes less pollution


  • Auto Check for key components abnormalities such as the battery, bulbs, fuses, lighting circuits, and battery charging system
  • Auto Test schedule: 1 month every 60 seconds, 1 year every 120 minutes (according to standard TIS.021004-22), activate and deactivate functions with a remote control
  • A 5-second, 30-minute or 60-minute self-test can be performed on the unit using the remote

Circuit Systems

  • Controlled by an 8-bit microcontroller circuit
  • A Timer Delay circuit to keep the unit operating for a few more seconds once normal power has returned

Protection Features

  • AC and DC fuse to prevent current overload
  • Surge Protection
  • IP66 dust and water resistant

Features to Extend Battery Life

  • An innovative 3 Steps Charger System
  • A Low Voltage Cut-Off to prevent the battery from draining completely
  • Continuous monitoring and checking system for the battery charging status
  • Battery voltage change rate monitoring system with respect to time (dv/dt)

Warning Systems

  • Alert for device not ready for use
  • Alert for AC input not connected to the device and notification for rectifier circuit malfunction
  • An LED will blink 3 times every 15 seconds to indicate that the system performs an automatic battery test (Auto Test) and detects that the backup lighting emergency duration is less than 120 minutes (Battery Fail)
  • An LED will blink 4 times every 15 seconds to indicate that there is a problem charging the battery (Charging Fail)
  • An LED will blink 5 times every 15 seconds to indicate that an abnormality in the lighting system (Lighting Fail)


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Distribution Channels

The emergency light fixture is equipped with a weatherproof rating of IP66, suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation within a temperature range of -15 to 75 degrees Celsius. It is designed for areas where temperature control is necessary and where it may be exposed to environmental conditions such as water droplets or dust. The housing is made of Polycarbonate Anti-Ultraviolet (PC-UV) plastic, capable of withstanding direct UV sunlight exposure and providing excellent impact resistance to prevent breakage. It also effectively shields the internal components from external heat, ensuring that it does not impact the battery and helping to extend the operational lifespan.

Mode of Operation


Operation Temparature

-15 to 75°C

Input Voltage

220-240VAC / 50Hz

LED Lamp Power

9W, 12W

Color Temperature

Daylight (6000K ± 250K)

Luminous Intensity

675 lm, Daylight (9W)
795 lm, Dayligh (12W)

Rated Beam Angle


Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Protection Features

• AC,DC Fuse.
• Battery Low Voltage Cut-Off
• Surge Protection

Testing Systems

• Auto Check
• Auto Test
• Remote Test

Charging Method

3 Steps Charger System

Charging Period

10-15 Hrs

Backup Time

3.0 Hrs., 4.0 Hrs., 6.0 Hrs.


Plastic Polycarbonate Anti Ultraviolet (PC-UV) Casing

Dimensions (L x W x H)

223 x 73 x 230 mm


1.47-1.62 Kg

Degree of Protection



Wall Surface


Infrared Remote Test (RT-S3)