EXST-IP66 Series


  • Uses high power LEDs rated at 10 Watts for illumination.
  • Operate for 2.0/3.0 hours on backup time.
  • Having LED lifetime of over 50,000 hours.
  • Automatically recharged with constant voltage and limited current.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuit prevents overcharge which is the cause of battery swelling.
  • Battery discharge protection circuit prolongs the battery life.


EXST-10LED/S 1800 | EXST-10LED/D 1800 | EXST-10LED/S 2100
EXST-10LED/D 2100 |

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Distribution Channels

The EXST-IP66 Series emergency exit sign can be wall and suspended mounted. The LEDs used for illumination are SMD low Power High Lumen type. Its uses SMT technology that consumes 6 times less electricity than those using fluorescent bulbs with 7 times longer operational life,the quality and brightness of illumination is also certified by the Thai industrial Standard 2430-2552 and Thailand Engineering Standard 021004-18. The unit uses Ni-MH (Nikle Metal Hydride) batteries that are smaller but more efficient This enable the unit to operate for 2.0/3.0 hours on battery power. The sign is made with white semi-translucent acrylic that evenly diffuse the light throughout the whole sign, even after an extended period of use. The hosing is made from Grade 304 stainless steel protected against jets of water and dust tight certified by Electrical and Electronics Institute for IP 66 standard.

Mode of Operation


Input Voltage

220 VAC / 50Hz±10%

LED Lamp Power


Color Temperature


Battery Type

Ni-MH 1,800 mAh. (1.2Vx3), Ni-MH 2,100 mAh. (1.2Vx3)

Battery Size

12V 1.3Ah

Charging Current

0.180A, 0.210A

Charge Termination Voltage


Charging Time

12 Hrs.

Backup Time

2.0 Hrs., 3.0 Hrs.

IP Rating

IP 66


Without Auto test


1 Sided, 2 Sided


Wall, Suspended

Viewing Distance

24 M