Xtra Series


  • Uses high power LEDs rated at 6 watts for each lamp for illumination.
  • Provides constant and raliable illumination for more than 3.0 hours.
  • Low Voltage Cut-Off prevents deep discharge of the backup batteries.
  • Includes an auto-testing function that self-assess the unit every 30 days for 30 minutes.
  • With power input delay system to keep the emergency light on for a further 5 seconds once normal power supply has returned.
  • The unit’s batteries charges with an automatic solid – state system providing constant voltage while limiting the electrical current.
  • Emergency lights can be turned on while the electricity supply is still available using the Infared Remote.
  • The duration of illumination can also be set to 1,2,3,6 or 12 hours.
  • Certified with the Thai industrial standard 1102-2538 and 1955-2551.


TM606-03 |

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Distribution Channels

The emergency lighting unit uses high power LEDs rated at 6 Watts for each lamp for illumination. These are 4 times more efficient than halogen lamps enabling the use of much smaller batteries while providing saving in operational and maintenance costs. The LEDs are also rated at more than 50,000 hours of operational lifetime. The emergency lighting unit will operate automatically both during electrical outages and under normal conditions. An automatic battery charging function also helps to extend the life of the internal batteries. The chassis is made with ABS flame retardant plastic. It is able to withstand extremely high temperatures as well as force impact and corrosion.

Mode of Operation


Input Voltage

220 VAC / 50Hz±10%

Output Voltage


LED Lamp Power (2)


Color Temperature


Rated Beam Angle


Battery Type

Sealed Lead-Acid Maintained Free

Battery Size

12V 2.9Ah

Charging Mode

Constant Voltage & Limit Current

Charging Current


Charging Time

10-15 Hrs.

Backup Time

3.0 Hrs.

IP Rating

IP 20


Auto test

Advanced Features

Light Timer