INV 220V Series


  • Battery charge automatically with 3 Step Charger: Constant Voltage,
  • Battery overcharge protection circuit prevents overcharge which is the cause of battery swelling.
  • Battery discharge protection circuit prolongs the battery life.
  • Under voltage protection circuit allows the unit to automatically activate the emergency light in case any fault occurs in the main power distribution system or in case of power failure (140-160 VAC).
  • Automatically enabling a 30 minutes test every 30 days.
  • Battery Sound Indicator is a system that warns the status of the machine by sound signal, there are 3 systems: Battery Low Voltage, Battery Charging Fail and Battery Fail.


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| INV 220-1000 | INV 220-1200 | INV 220-1500 | INV 220-2000 |
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Distribution Channels

Central Emergency Lighting Inverter Systems is used to detect any abnormalities of the main power distribution system. In case of error or emergency, the unit will convert the battery voltage stored in the chemical form into the electric power and supply it to the inverter where the DC voltage from the battery will be converted into the AC voltage at 220VAC 50Hz to turn on the emergency light. On the other hand, when the main power distribution system resumes its normal operation, the unit will stop supplying the backup power and start recharging the battery for later use in case of another error or for the emergency light test.

Mode of Operation

Maintained, Non-Maintained

Input Voltage

220 VAC / 50Hz±10%

Output Voltage

220 VAC / 50Hz±2%

Wave Form

Pure Sine Wave

Battery Type

Sealed Lead-Acid Maintained Free

Battery Size

12V 100Ah x 2, 12V 100Ah x 4, 12V 130Ah x 4, 12V 130Ah x 8, 12V 150Ah x 2, 12V 150Ah x 4, 12V 200Ah x 4, 12V 26Ah x 2, 12V 40Ah x 2, 12V 55Ah x 2, 12V 65Ah x 2

Charging Mode

3 Step Charger System

Charging Time

≤ 24 Hrs.

Backup Time

2.0 Hrs.

IP Rating

IP 20


Auto test

Maximum Power Load

200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 700W, 1000W, 1200W, 1500W, 2000W, 2500W, 3000W