EP-H Series 2

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Supported Load

  • Channel 1 supports a 12 Vdc load for emergency lamps
  • Channel 2 supports a 220 Vac load for emergency lamps.


  • Lithium-ion 11.1V- 5000 mAh.

Power Supply Duration

  • It can supply a 9 Watt load for 3 hours, a 15 Watt load for 2 hours.


  • An automatic 30-minute test can be set to perform every 30 days. This automatic testing can be turned on or off.

Circuit Sytems

  • Controlled by an 8 bit microcontroller circuit.
  • An Autoactivation circuit when under voltage occurs.
  • A Timer Delay circuit to keep the unit operating for a few more seconds once normal power has returned.

Protection Features

  • AC and DC fuse to prevent current overload.
  • Surge Protection.

Features to Extend Battery Life

  • An innovative 3 Steps Charger (Limit Current, Constant Voltage, Flip-Flop Charger).
  • A Low Voltage Cut-Off to prevent the battery from draining completely.

Warning Systems

  • An audible alarm will sound once every 15 seconds to warn that the Low Voltage Cut-Off is about to activate.
  • An audible alarm will sound twice every 15 seconds to indicate that the battery should be charged.
  • An LED will blink 3 times every 15 seconds to warn that there is less than 30 minutes of charge left in the battery. This warning will show for 10 minutes.
  • An LED will blink 4 times every 15 seconds to warn that there is a problem charging the battery.


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Distribution Channels

The EP-HS2 emergency power pack with transfer relay is compactly designed, perfect for hidden installations in the ceiling to provide power for emergency lights installed in or under the ceiling. The EP-HS2 power pack is special in that it can supply either a 12 Vdc or 220 Vac power supply. A switch to turn on or off the power pack can be installed at any desired location and it is also equipped with the innovative 3 Steps Charger (patent number 15955) to help extend the operational life of the battery The casing is produced from 1mm thick Electro-Galvanized steel coated with Epoxy powder and special chemicals to prevent any possible rust.

The EP-HS2 emergency power pack with transfer relay has undergone continued innovation to give maximum value and functions to the users, as can be seen in the feature list.

Battery Type

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery

Battery Size

12.8V – 4Ah

Backup Time

1.00-4.30 Hrs

IP Rating

IP 20


Auto test

Advanced Features

Battery Checker