CCU 12V Series


  • Allowing testing with a switch on the front panel.
  • Automatically recharged with constant voltage and limited current.
  • Battery overcharge protection circuit prevents overcharge which is the cause of battery swelling.
  • Battery discharge protection circuit prolongs the battery life.
  • AC fuse prevents input short circuit.
  • DC fuse prevents short circuit on the battery or the load side.
  • Under voltage protection circuit allows the unit to automatically activate the emergency light in case any fault occurs in the the main power distribution system or in case of power failure.


CCU 12-30 | CCU 12-50 | CCU 12-60 | CCU 12-80 | CCU 12-110 |
CCU 12-120 | CCU 12-180 | CCU 12-250 | CCU 12-300 | CCU 12-350 |
CCU 12-470 | CCU 12-550 | CCU 12-620 | CCU 12-720 | CCU 12-850 |
CCU 12-1000 | CCU 12-1100 | CCU 12-1400 | CCU 12-1900 |

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    Distribution Channels

    Central Battery Control Unit by CCU Series or the central control unit is used to detect any abnormalities of the main power distribution system. In case of error or emergency, the unit is designed to allow the emergency lighting system to bear large loads or larger loads than that the automatic emergency light (complete unit) can. The 12 VDC unit is compatible with halogen lamp or MR16 LED lamp. The unit installation and usage are centrally controlled so that it supplies power to the lamp installed.

    Mode of Operation


    Input Voltage

    220 VAC / 50Hz±10%

    Output Voltage


    Maximum Power Load

    30W, 50W, 60W, 80W, 110W, 120W, 180W, 250W, 300W, 350W, 470W, 550W, 620W, 720W, 850W, 1000W, 1100W, 1400W, 1900W

    Battery Type

    Sealed Lead-Acid Maintained Free

    Charging Mode

    Constant Voltage & Limit Current

    Charging Time

    10-15 Hrs.

    Backup Time

    2.0 Hrs.

    IP Rating

    IP 20


    Without Auto test


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